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About Aaron Fransua, Esq.

Aaron Fransua, Esq.


Meet Aaron Fransua, a diligent and passionate attorney licensed in Arizona and Colorado. His mission is to empower business owners, helping them confidently grow their businesses and to ensure families have the legal protections in place to weather any storm. Aaron’s experience spans the domains of estate planning, business law, and construction law, making him a versatile resource for a wide range of clients.

Aaron brings a wealth of experience from his practice in commercial matters, which he utilizes past entrepreneurial experiences to advise and advocate for his business clients. His rich portfolio of work includes advising clients on various aspects of estate planning, including drafting wills, trusts, and powers of attorney and assisting fiduciaries with administering estates.

In addition to his individual clients, Aaron serves as general counsel for several diverse businesses here in the East Valley of Arizona and Colorado, including those in the construction and beauty sectors. His education, which includes a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado Boulder, provided a strong foundation for his work. In law school, Aaron immersed himself in estate and business-related clients and his experiences include clerking with the Honorable Judge Kane and writing with the Colorado Tech Law Journal.

As Managing Attorney at AVID Esq. Group, Aaron leads a full-service law office serving Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Queen Creek. The AVID team is committed to protecting and advocating for their clients’ rights across a wide range of legal disciplines. These include General Counsel advice, dispute resolution, and estate planning for families.

AVID Esq. Group’s values are reflected in the broad spectrum of services they provide, which include AVID Counsel for general counsel and business law advice, AVID Contractor for construction and general contractor industries, and AVID Estates to help families and business owners secure their future.