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About AVID Esq. Group LLC – Business Law And Estate Planning


having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.

Similar: keen, eager, enthusiastic, ardent, passionate, devoted, dedicated

AVID Esq. Group LLC is a full-service law office that offers general counsel, business law, construction law, and estate planning services to the Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Queen Creek areas.

Everything we do, we do with an AVID interest in protecting and advocating for our client’s rights.  Whether we are providing General Counsel advice, helping with dispute resolution, assisting a policyholder obtain insurance coverage they are legally entitled to or helping a family put together an estate plan to protect their loved ones, you can rest assured that our team is passionate and devoted to getting the best result possible on your behalf!

With this core value in mind, we have developed the following lines of services:

  • AVID Counsel– providing general counsel and business law advice to Arizona’s entrepreneurs;
  • AVID Contractor– providing general counsel, business and construction law advice specific to Arizona’s construction and general contractor industries;
  • AVID Claims – providing residential and commercial policyholders with legal advocacy to ensure that their insurance carriers fully indemnify their insured for losses they incurred and
  • AVID Estates– helping Arizona families and business owners protect their children, protect their hard-earned estate,  and ensure easy transition in the event of a death or disability.

AVID Esq. Group LLC is a subsidiary of Fransua Law LLC.  Our founder started Fransua Law soon after graduating from law school in 2017. Since that time, Aaron has learned many lessons on how to grow a successful business and has applied many of those lessons to FL. Unfortunately, one of the most important of those lessons was branding …but it was an area that could not be altered with FL. Although it’s common for law firms to name themselves after the partners and founders, those last names offer no significant value to the consumer when searching for a firm that can help them.

From those lessons, and despite common law firm nomenclature, Aaron Fransua created the AVID Esq. Group and the various AVID lines of services so legal services can be easier to find for the average entrepreneur and consumer!