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At AVID Counsel, we assist corporations, entrepreneurs, and start-ups of all sizes with maintaining, protecting, and preserving their business ventures through trademarks, copyrights, litigation, contracts, brand-asset management, and real estate transactions.

Given Mr. Fransua’s Business Administration and Management degree, coupled with years of experience as an Entrepreneur himself and representing several local businesses in achieving record-breaking growth, he brings a unique perspective to operating a business that goes beyond the traditional transactional lawyer who simply reduces agreements to writing. With that in mind, we have the skill and experience you require to counsel you through each and every stage of your legal matter and business journey.

Ways We Can Help…

Outside General Counsel
Whether it’s 1 day or 1 week each month, you dictate your legal needs. No more bouncing around from lawyer to lawyer in an office. You will be assigned one attorney who will oversee your business, and if the issue is outside their specialty, they will coordinate with outside counsel for you.
Entity Formation
We help get your new company started on the right foot! This includes trademark conflict checks, structure analysis, filing of Articles of Organization, and drafting of Operating Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements.
Business Risk Audit
Are you a DIY entrepreneur who started a company up and grew quickly…but not sure if you have all your legal bases covered? Let us perform an audit on your company to see any holes you may have missed so we can fix them before they become costly mistakes!
HR Support
Employees are oftentimes a company’s greatest asset … and potentially greatest risk. Let us help you reduce the risk by ensuring your onboarding paperwork and employee handbooks are up to date with current laws and regulations. We can also support your team by providing advice as legal issues arise with your staff.
Management/Growth Consulting
Taking a business to the next level is hard work that requires strategy. We can review your monthly performance and provide sound advice on how your company can improve and grow. It’s like having a COO, CFO, and GC all at once!
Customer Dispute Resolution
If you have a customer who is not happy with your work and is threatening legal action or has escalated the complaint, give us a call. We will provide you with options to resolve the dispute and will take appropriate action to mitigate the damage.
Contract Drafting or Review
Whether you need a new contract to be drafted or a vendor is asking you to sign a long agreement full of legalese, we can help make sure you are protected and understand what you are entering into!
Estate & Business Succession Planning
Most businesses fail after the death of an owner simply because they did not plan ahead of time. Even worse, many entrepreneurs leave their families stuck in Probate Court all because they didn’t plan. Let us protect your family and business with a comprehensive estate and succession plan!
IP Protection
Whether you realize it or not, your business likely has intellectual property that it needs to protect! Let us help you identify and protect your trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets so you maintain a competitive edge over your competition.

… and more!

This Provides Better Value Than Your Grandfather’s Law Firm. You’ll love the changes!

The old legal model is outdated, costly, and doesn’t keep up with today’s growing businesses.

AVID Contractors is trailblazing a new legal business model by offering General Counsel, Legal, and Professional services across a variety of practice areas for Arizona’s contractors for a fixed monthly price.

If you own or run a business or any successful venture, you need an experienced business lawyer on your team.

The time to call an attorney is not when a legal dispute arises but rather when you recognize that you have invested your time, money, and effort in building something great/exciting, that is worth protecting.

By proactively planning, modifying, and adapting to changes during your business operations, you are less likely to invite lawsuits and be better prepared to defend one should it arise.

Some of the businesses we can help with are:


Starting a new Arizona business can be confusing and frustrating. Not only do you have to figure out all the headaches that come with starting a company, but then you have to figure out how to get licensed!

We are a perfect match for startup entrepreneurs who can no longer rely upon self-help, who want to get everything taken care of correctly the first time or those who want to accelerate the growth curve.

Small Businesses

If you have already been running your contracting business for some time now, we usually start with an audit to identify any legal risks your current business is operating with. From there, we develop a plan of attack to address any legal risks.

We find small businesses rely on us a great deal as they go through growing pains. We can assist with anything that comes your way as you grow, whether it is the protection of IP, helping you navigate employee issues, or resolving escalated consumer issues.


After a certain point, your once small business will eventually reach a point where you need consistent help and guidance to not only stay out of murky waters but thrive!

With our General Counsel services, you can have a dedicated attorney available anytime you need to chat to address any legal issues that arise, but also to provide general guidance and consults as your business looks to conquer new heights!

If your business has ongoing legal needs and you’re interested in getting a fixed monthly quote to address those needs, please contact us using this form, and we’ll reach out to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose AVID Counsel?

Let us be the last law firm your company has to hire!

Grow Faster, Stronger, and Smarter
Legal challenges can present themselves at the worst possible time. Usually unexpected and often expensive, they can significantly impact your business’s future. Our goal is to avoid crises by making sure you comply with the law, are not vulnerable to surprises, and can grow faster, stronger, and smarter.
Seek Help Early and Often
AVID Counsel takes the stress out of the lawyer-client relationship by removing the question: “How much is this going to cost?” Our General Counsel program allows you to seek help early and often by giving you unlimited access to your lawyer without ever starting the clock.
Get Predictable Pricing for Legal Services
Choose your own subscription level and get the services that are most important to you and your business at a fixed monthly cost. From a basic plan to one that includes attendance at board meetings, there is a plan to meet the specific needs of your business. If you are not part of our General Counsel program, that is no problem either since most of our services are done on a flat-fee basis, so you will know exactly how much it will cost to resolve your legal issue before you walk out the door!
Companies need legal support just like they need accounting, financial and marketing support

What You Get With AVID Contractors:

Project Specific Fees

Same Day Response Guarantee

Fixed Monthly Budget

Transparency with Secure Client Management System

Use of Preferred Legal Forms

Immediate Access to Your Trusted Advisor

Do You Know Where Your Company’s Blindspots Are?

We all know how blind spots can dangerous for drivers on the open road. For most of us, we know exactly where those blind spots are and keep an eye out when switching lanes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you also knew where your blind spots were with your business? Many entrepreneurs lay awake in bed worried about possible scenarios that might come up later to haunt them, unsure if they made the right steps to protect themselves.

If you are in that boat, we recommend taking our complimentary Business Audit. In this audit, we will ask you questions that go through a range of topics that get small business owners in legal trouble: everything from entity structural issues to intellectual property and marketing, succession planning, insurance coverage, and more!

Based on the results of the test, we will then be able to give you a free consultation on risks your business is currently exposed to…and, most importantly, how to fix them so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your business is covered!

Complimentary Business Audit

Contact Us to See if AVID Counsel is Right For Your Company

If your business has ongoing legal needs and you’re interested in getting a fixed monthly quote to address those needs, please contact us using the form, and we’ll reach out to schedule a consultation.