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Arizona Customer Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Successfully Resolving Business Disputes

In the course of doing business in today’s world, businesses and their customers sometimes find themselves unable to agree on issues that affect both parties. Often, when this occurs, neither side feels satisfied with the offers or solutions proposed by the opposing party.

However, if a legal dispute cannot be resolved between the two parties, it can quickly escalate and end up in the Arizona court system as a lawsuit. Nevertheless, alternatives such as mediation or arbitration can prevent parties from going through costly and time-consuming litigation.

If you are a business owner involved in a customer dispute, contact AVID Esq. Group, LLC of Arizona, and ask to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help. Our alternative dispute resolution lawyers have extensive experience handling legal disputes

Why Do Most Customer Legal Disputes Occur?

If you are a business owner, you have learned that customer disputes are inevitable. Because of the nature of client-business relationships, not every customer will be happy with your business’s goods, services, or bill procedures.

For this reason, it is vital that, as a business owner, you take a proactive stance on how you will resolve disputes.

Businesses deal with a variety of disputes from customers, which include:

  • Customers unhappy with the service they were provided
  • Customers are unhappy with the quality of the products they purchase.
  • Customers are unhappy with the time in which they receive their products or services.
  • A breach of warranty for a product or services purchased by the customer.

However, one of the most common business-customer disputes involves a breach of consumer contracts. Under Arizona law, a breach of contract occurs when one party violates the terms of the agreement. In this case, a customer could be displeased with the goods or services provided by the business.

If you are dealing with a customer dispute and are trying to figure out what legal avenues you have to resolve your issues, contact the AVID Esq. Group, LLC, and ask to schedule a free consultation so our attorneys can determine your legal options.

What is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration?

Many individuals are familiar with mediation and arbitration but unaware of their meanings. However, many business owners and customers can successfully resolve disputes in a fair manner through what is known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) using the mediation process or arbitration provisions.


Mediation is typically the preferred option in alternative dispute resolution. Mediation involves both parties meeting with a neutral third-party mediator. Before mediation, the parties submit a short legal brief or position paper to the mediator detailing their arguments.

During mediation, all parties and their legal counsel meet in one room, where the meeting begins with a plaintiff presentation, followed by a defendant presentation. Afterward, the mediator asks each side questions to understand their positions better.

Afterward, each party moves to separate rooms where the mediator uses shuttle diplomacy, asking further questions and trying to gauge the willingness of each party to compromise. The mediator uses their knowledge of the law and industry involved to develop a hopefully agreeable proposal for both parties. However, the recommendations made by the mediator are not legally binding.


Arizona uses two sets of laws to govern arbitration: the Federal Arbitration Act and the Arizona Revised Uniform Arbitration Act. Public policy favors arbitration as a method in which parties reach a decision rather than time-consuming and costly litigation. However, of the two methods involved in ADR, arbitrations closely resemble court proceedings.

If your customer dispute needs to be settled through arbitration, you will need an experienced attorney who understands the Arizona laws that govern binding arbitration.

In arbitration proceedings, a neutral third party acts as a private judge to try and help resolve the issues that have brought the parties to alternative dispute resolution. After the neutral third party, known as the arbitrator, hears each side’s arguments and reviews the evidence, they will issue a decision in the case.

In most cases, the arbitrator’s decision is legally binding and is enforceable by the courts. However, it can also be considered a recommendation if both parties have previously agreed to those terms.

If you are still trying to understand the differences between the mediation process and binding arbitration, contact the AVID Esq. Group, LLC, of Arizona. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings, including those led by the American Arbitration Association.

When Does Litigation Become Necessary to Resolve a Customer Dispute?

The main reason alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is usually the first choice between two parties trying to resolve their issues is that it is a less expensive option than litigation. Both business owners and customers are understandably hesitant to pursue litigation as it can be costly for both sides. Business owners also fear any negative publicity or damage to their public image.

However, if mediation or arbitration does not work, clients may have to decide to take their case to court. It should be noted that anyone considering litigation should always consult with a knowledgeable litigation attorney who can review the case and discuss potential legal options.

Conversely, if one of your customers decides to take the case to court, you must obtain qualified legal representation immediately. Contact the AVID Esq. Group, LLC, and ask to schedule a meeting with one of our well-experienced business litigation attorneys. Our attorneys have the litigation experience necessary to help obtain favorable results for your legal dispute.

Do Your Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers Have the Training Necessary to Help Me Resolve My Legal Issues?

The legal team of the AVID Esq. Group, LLC, of Arizona, has years of combined experience handling alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our business dispute and litigation attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of the legal process involved in ADR and know what it takes to help clients obtain favorable results.

We realize that dealing with customer disputes can feel like a never-ending situation, especially if the issue has begun to affect your business.

Our attorney will work with you to create a legal strategy tailored to your business’s specific needs so that you can resolve your legal issues and help your organization get back on track.

Contact our law offices of the AVID Esq. Group, LLC, of Arizona, and ask to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers, who can explain more about alternative dispute resolution and what legal options may be available.