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Even though most Arizona residents believe creating a will is essential, many still need to create a comprehensive estate plan. However, for your family to be adequately protected from having to go through the costly and time-consuming probate process and possibly pay estate taxes, you must create a will.

Failure to create a will can cause your family and other beneficiaries to suffer undue hardship and possibly use a probate lawyer to settle your estate.

A wills lawyer can offer legal assistance with creating estate planning documents to help you plan for the time after you pass away to ensure your family is well-cared for after your death. Contact the AVID Esq. Group, LLC of Arizona, to learn how our estate planning attorneys can help you.

Why is it Important to Create a Will in Arizona?

Many Arizona residents only think they need a last will and testament once they become older. However, Arizona residents at least 18 years old can benefit from creating a will.

If Arizona residents die without a will, they are said to have died intestate. If a person dies and does not have a valid will, asset distribution will proceed according to Arizona state intestacy laws rather than the decedent’s or family member’s wishes.

However, when people create a will, they can specify their final wishes and how their assets should be distributed to their family members and other beneficiaries.

Some of the most significant advantages of having a will include:

  • Naming a personal representative or executor who will handle the estate distribution.
  • Naming a guardian for your minor children who will care for them in the event of your death.
  • Help your family members avoid costly probate proceedings.
  • Ensure your family receives the financial resources they need after you pass away.
  • Make your final wishes known regarding how your property should be distributed after your death.

If you want to learn more about how your family can benefit from a last will and testament, contact our highly knowledgeable estate planning attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

What Legal Conditions Must Be Met For a Will to Be Considered Valid?

Regardless of your needs, our law firm has extensive experience in creating simple wills and those that are more complex. However, regardless of the type of will you may need, specific legal requirements must be met to ensure the validity of a will.

The specific steps include:

  • The individual creating the will, also called the testator, must be at least 18 years of age and sound mind.
  • The will must be written, either printed or typed.
  • Two witnesses of legal age and the testator must sign the will. If, for some reason, the testator is unable to sign, another person may sign at their direction and in the testator’s presence.
  • If your will is self-proving, the court will require that the will be notarized and that other legal documents be provided to ensure the will-maker legally and voluntarily executed the will.

Why Do I Need an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney to Help Me Create a Will?

With the advance in technology, many individuals have begun to use do-it-yourself websites to create wills. However, even though no law states that individuals must hire AZ lawyers to handle estate planning assistance, it is in their best interest to do so.

Only some wills and estate plans fit into a mold; with legal counsel, an individual using an online form may make a mistake. Simple mistakes and other factors often cause last wills to be challenged in court by loved ones or creditors seeking payment. Suppose a will is successfully challenged in court. In that case, it can be subject to lengthy probate law that can significantly delay your loved ones being able to obtain the financial resources they need.

However, hiring an estate planning lawyer to help create a will can help to ensure that your loved ones are cared for in the way you intended. In addition, it is also crucial that you allow an estate planning attorney to review an old will that you may have created to ensure that it does not need to be updated or revised.

For these reasons, our estate planning lawyers will assist you in creating a strategic estate plan that will meet your needs and help you feel confident about the future. Contact the AVID Esq. Group, LLC of Arizona, today and ask to schedule a free consultation to discuss your estate planning needs.

Why Are Your Estate Planning Lawyers the Best Choice For My Legal Needs?

Our highly trained estate planning lawyers take pride in our quality service to clients. One aspect distinguishing us from other estate planning attorneys is that we offer reasonable fees for our legal services. Our law firm understands that the cost of creating legal documents often keeps individuals

passionately committed to helping individuals manage their estates and not having to let the cost of legal fees get in the way of planning for the future. Our affordable pricing makes it easy for individuals in Arizona to prepare a will that will meet their individual needs.

Our Arizona attorneys also can provide a range of other services, including:

  • Elder law
  • Living wills
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Trust Administration
  • Legal representation in probate court.

It is worth mentioning that living wills are also an essential component of estate planning law as they can convey your wishes regarding how your affairs should be handled should you become legally incapacitated.

Contact the AVID Esq. Group, LLC of Arizona, to learn more information about how our wills lawyers can assist you with your estate plan. A qualified legal team member will gladly meet with you to discuss your specific needs and determine how to create an estate plan tailored to your needs.